Handyman Services Near Me In Grand Haven: An Untapped Market With Exceptional Potential

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Handyman refers to a person who undertakes small repairing work such as plumbing, repairing of house appliance etc. in households for a nominal amount of money. Such jobs are referred as handyman jobs.


This sector of handyman services near me in Grand Haven is one of the most unorganised sectors in countries. Lately we have seen start up in this field which have consolidated the details of workers undertaking such jobs and bring in a reform in this field by making them organised. They provide training to such unskilled labourers and allow them to be accessible to people by connecting them to the common public via internet. These start-ups are growing at a massive speed and are contributing to the GDP of the country.

Furthermore, the government has realized the importance of imparting vocational training and is working to make it aspirational. It has undertaken steps to create employment for more than 60% of the unemployed youth in the working age of 15-59 by imparting vocational training. These vocational training programs include inculcating skills required for handyman jobs like repairing, plumbing etc. The government plans on doing so by borrowing the concept of community college from the USA. These skills will allow the youth to sustain themselves.


Handyman Jobs provides an individual the financial independence and security from being laid off. It has low initial investment and quick cash flow. Income of a handyman depends entirely on his skills to communicate and his ability to efficiently complete the task expected off him.

The difficulty faced in this business is the scaling process. It cannot be scaled until backed by huge capital used to build communication channels. This is what the multi nationals are trying to capitalise on.


A handyman job is the best to earn a sustainable living; it makes an individual employable and independent. It is an untapped market where corporates are creeping in to make profit and government is working on consolidating to reduce unemployment.

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