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The inside of this versatile flatbread is soft and slightly chewy, and it often has a pocket as a result of baking it in a hot oven. Pita bread is easily misunderstood as being unleavened, although usually yeast-leavened. The pocket bread can be devoured plain or with a squirt of olive oil drizzled on top . It can be stuffed with different fillings and served as a grilled or baked sandwich, or topped with spreads and meats, folded over, and eaten as a sandwich .

About pita bread

 halal bread

The popularity of pita bread has spread far beyond Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East. Pita bread is made from whole wheat flour and topped with sesame seeds. It is also known as pide in Turkish and pride in Armenian. In the United States, pita bread is also recognized as pocket pita or merely pocket bread.

Raw Materials

Pita breads, made with the simplest ingredients

  • Grain flour
  • Water
  • Salt,
  • Bakers’ yeast

The making

  • Mixing the dough
  • Extruding the dough
  • First proofing
  • Cutting and forming the pitas
  • Second proofing
  • Baking the pitas
  • Cooling and flattening the loaves
  • Slicing the loaves

However, in the Western world, pita bread has gained popularity of its pocket, which used to make sandwiches. A pita can be filled with almost anything, from meats and cheeses to vegetables and salad, to make a tasty sandwich.

Pocket bread used to make traditional sandwiches in many other parts of the world. Greek cooks, for example, frequently use pita pockets to make souvlaki or gyros. Similarly, Turkish cooks wrap kebabs in pitas.

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