Remote Backup Option Meets Cloud Storage

Miles away the information sitting on the background of your office located in a remote place will be backed up. Because of lack of appropriate infrastructure and resources significant data generated in the remote offices stand the chance of being lost permanently through corruption or accidental deletion. This has been a frequent issue faced by companies with remote offices and branch offices for ages.

Dearth of local IT skills, insufficient network bandwidth which hinders the transport of large quantity of data leads to the challenges related to remote site backup. But technological progress has paved the way for remote backup solution designed to make the whole process of storing and then restoring your important digital documents simple. Such solution is also useful for laptop and other mobile device copies, allowing data security even outside office assumption. Hence the usage of remote backup solution is gradually found to be gaining momentum.

Cloud Backup Solutions

  • Remote backup solution has advantage over tape backup

Due to the benefits it provides remote backup solution is now Looked upon as a fitting alternative to tape copies. This sort of innovative backup solution operates by collecting data from users’ computers and then compressing and sending the same to an offsite server which may be used to restore the original if needed.

Using remote backup solution lets you eliminate the common problems associated with tape backup such as improper handling of storage media, inability to carry theĀ cloud backup solutions media offsite for safe storage . When the remote site data is not very large and is not subject to frequent changes the backup system can be used to take local snapshots for transport to a distant storage array for offsite data protection. This is especially advantageous for small companies that do not have to take care of fat database.

However when the quantity of data is large enough to make impediment for data replication the backup solution can leverage data duplication technology. This procedure requires the saving changes made to the information whatever the number of changes made. This aids in data loss to a large extent.

Further WAN optimization that replaces identical data sequences with pointers allows the backup software to decrease the number of data sent across the network. Although this sort of arrangement is more acceptable for larger organization, small business services may also benefit from the WAN acceleration devices that address bandwidth difficulties.

Data backup requirements vary according to the size and activities of organizations. But remote backup solution is all set to meet varying degrees of backup requirements and replace tape copies in the long term.

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