Bridal gowns Singapore – know the history behind them

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Wearing white on your wedding day has long been a tradition in Western society. Weddings have been a highly respected occasion since antiquity. The bride’s bridal attire has always been distinct from her everyday attire. The garment may have symbolic meaning, such as white for purity. It equally important to find the bridal gown singapore for the big day.The tradition

Brides were expected to look as well as dress their best to symbolize the prestige of their families, during the middle ages wearing a non-white wedding gown. So, especially if she came from a wealthy family, a bride was expected to wear expensive fabrics like velvet and fur. White was not fashionable until the 1840s, although brides pick it to symbolize the purity of the soul. 

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About the wedding

Today’s white weddings often need the family to plan for or acquire printed or engraved wedding invitations, musicians, decorations such as flowers or candles, and clothing and flowers for bridesmaids, groomsmen, a flower girl, and a ring bearer. They can also include extras like a guest book or commemorative wedding leaflets as options. It is customary to hold a reception following the wedding ceremony, which usually includes a large white wedding cake.

White has been linked with purity in most Western countries. This is why so many brides opt for white bridal gown singapore However, contrary to popular belief, white did not always represent purity because blue was associated with constancy, purity, and piety. The significance of the bridal gown’s symbolism might be cultural, traditional, or personal.

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