Mercedes-Benz C Class Parts Mean Performance

An inside and out 4-wheel steed, the Mercedes Benz C Class is a moderate sized extravagance car borne out of the W124 chassis for the E-Class models of the Benz made from 1986 to 1995. Thus, they were also called W124 models. The very feature of the Mercedes Benz C Class was several innovations made by the company and incorporate it into one exceptionally advanced automobile. Mercedes Benz C Class parts and accessories made a significant development for the utmost driving pleasure ever experienced.

With its striking design and aerodynamic body (which was later on copied by its competitors in the industry) filled with plastic trim for the car undercarriage to streamline the wind current of the car, the Mercedes Benz C Class induced a very low coefficient drag. It also helped in limiting fuel consumption and noise. It had the distinction of being the first to have a multi-interface suspension found in a mass-produced automobile an upgrade of having more comfortable ride and dealing with.

Mercedes C Class

Another Mercedes C Class part upgrade is the single windscreen wiper that extends and contracts simultaneously to cover more surface area through the motorized mechanism at the base. The rear headrests recede at the touch of the catch for improved rearward visibility. The engine had undergone a significant facelift which elevated further to performance level, matching sports cars at that time.

The Mercedes Benz C Class comes in either 5-or 7-seater models. The 7-seater model has a rear-facing bench seat that folded flush into the floor. While the two models having a split rear seat which provides a spacious burden space (around two meters) when folded level. It also has a retractable luggage compartment cover and retractable cargo net.

This goes to show that Mercedes Benz C Class parts and accessories set the vehicle separated from the field with a host of enhancements to set the benchmark for passenger vehicles for quite a while. People at Mercedes Benz surely got their work done by having extensive researches on the most proficient method to make their customers even happier. These Mercedes Benz C Class parts went through inflexible testing to prove their value as integral components to elevate the overall performance of the Mercedes Benz C Class.

Also in the offing is the sportier version which is the 500E, a product of a tie up with performance car maker Porsche. Designed for performance driving even reaching through the circuits, this car packs a 32-valve V8 engine spilling out an impressive 322 hp. As it is hand-fabricated and required 18 days to complete each model, the cars were delivered back and between the Mercedes Benz plant and the Porsche Rossle-Bau plant in Zuffenhausen during assembly.

It is already given that Mercedes Benz has established a legacy that will forever be untarnished in the industry. With the Mercedes Benz C Class, Mercedes’ sign of being an extravagance provider has migrated to a performance and technology inducer with the host of upgrades it incorporated into the car.

All these are made possible through the functionalities and the durable composition of these Mercedes Benz C Class parts and accessories that serve as building blocks for this extravagance sedan to stand out from the rest of the pack.


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