Great in business; Great in heart:

Every man thinks earning money is success. They thinkwith money can help them tobuy whatever they want and do whatever they want. But that is not entirely true. Earning money and spending it in meaningless way is not success. Most of the people donot know this. But one guy knew. His name was BashirDawood. He is the member of philanthropic Dawood family. bashir dawood was the founder of Dawlance. Dawlance is a Company that produces all kinds of home appliances like air conditioner, microwave ovens, and freezers. It has more than 30 branches and more than 700 franchises in Pakistan alone. They are the most popular home appliances brand in Pakistan. It all started from nothing but an idea. When started Dawlance is just a small company that produce refrigerators. Their mission is to change their brand into a world class brand. To accomplish their mission they believed in their core value, reliability.

bashir dawood

They believed that reliability can extend their enterprise from bottom to top. As they believed, reliability helped them to make it to the top. Dawlance became a huge brand within decades. But Bashir Dawood wanted to help peoplearound the world. He donated a part of his income to a child Health Organization named SickKids. SickKids Helpchildren and infants with physical and mental illness. They do this with the help of kind hearted people around the world. Bashir Dawood and Maryam Dawood Came forward to helpthose children with SickKids. On 2016, Bashir sold his company two a Turkish company named Arcelik for 258 million dollars and focused his mind on the mission to save children. Bashir wanted to save the lives of all kids born with illness, so he funded the medical research of that organization. By the relentless efforts of Dawood family SickKids was able to save a lots of lives in the past few years.

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