Most effective method to replace an AGP Video Card

To start with, the sign of a difficult should be called attention to before you do anything to your PC.  On the off chance that you see lines across your PC screen, and you definitely realize you have an AGP video card then it most likely requirements supplanted. Note that this guide can be utilized for different sorts of video cards in the event that you utilize good judgment.

So we are determined to supplanting our video card. You need to ensure that the PC is off, and here is the manner by which we will release however much power out of the PC that we can to limit the opportunity of harming segments.

After the force is as of now off draw the force line from the PC. At that point you will need to press the force button on the PC. You may see a light squint briefly or hear a PC fan or nothing by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, this can free a portion of the put away electrical flow in the PC parts.

It ought to be noticed that friction based electricity is an extraordinary enemy of PC parts. On the off chance that you can stick around on to some piece of the metal of the PC case whiles you are chipping away at this undertaking you should remain grounded out. Likewise it is anything but a smart thought to chip away at thick shaggy floor covering, particularly with socks on. Wearing a card man hinh is anything but a smart thought all things considered.

The prudent advances take nearly as much time as it does supplanting the AGP video card so let’s completes that.

Eliminate the PC case and find the video card. In the event that it is not standing apart taking a gander at you take a gander at the enormous circuit board which is known as a motherboard that is connected to the PC case. Search for an earthy colored opening. That is the place where the AGP card goes, and it ought to be sitting right in that earthy colored opening on the motherboard.

Contingent upon the rendition of the AGP opening it could possibly have a tab on the base holding the video card set up which needs discouraged if that is the situation to permit you to pull and shake to and fro the video card out of its space. Try not to shake left to right, do it through and through as you would prefer not to twist the card anything else than you need to.

There might be a force link running into the back or top of the AGP card. You need to take care in eliminating this if your video card has a force link appended to it.

Try not to have the insight that you will break something while you are being cautious with what you are doing and focusing. PC parts are much harder than they are given kudos for. This is not to say you can toss them around the room or heave huge items at them.

After you have eliminated the video card put in the new AGP card and opposite the request where you took the bygone one out In the event that there was a tab getting the old video card make certain to squeeze it in after you have slid the video card into the space. On the off chance that there was a force link racing to the old card check to be certain that the new video card has a port for a force link.

Twofold check it over, your video may work without it however on the off chance that it is required your PC will be temperamental and possibly shut down irregularly. In the event that the new card does not have a force port for a force link and you have twofold checked the video card over then that ought to be fine. Innovation progresses and now and again utilizes less force than more seasoned segments.

What is more, there you go, supplant the case and catalyst the PC and you ought to have working video once more.

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