Atossa Therapeutics: Things You Need To Know About ATOS Stock

When it comes to investing in stocks, you cannot simply rely on news and speculations. In order to make the right buy and sell decision, you need to research the stock as well as the company.

Many investors check all the important details about the company before purchasing the shares. Nowadays, NASDAQ ATOS stock at is quite popular in the market.

With the launch and approval of Endoxifen and the development of Covid-19 symptoms treatment programs, most people are talking about ATOS.

Many investors simply check the price trend and jump headlong into purchasing the shares. Even though NASDAQ ATOS is a penny stock, you need to conduct your research.

Here are some of the things you need to know about ATOS Stock. It will help you to invest wisely in the stock.


Stock Investment

  • Atossa Therapeutics: It is a biopharmaceutical firm. They are into developing a treatment for breast cancer and Covid-19. It is a clinical-stage Bio Company based in Seattle. The stocks on these company are listed on NASDAQ. The stocks are publically traded.
  • Current Treatment: Like most of the biotech companies, the focus of this company is mainly on developing treatment of Covid-19. However, along with that, it is also developing a treatment for breast cancer.
  • Breast Cancer Treatment: The main concern of this company is to develop a treatment for breast cancer. They have developed a preventive treatment for breast cancer. It will stop cancer from developing in the patient’s body. They have already developed an oral drug called Endoxifen. It is approved by FDA and has been effective in preventing breast cancer.
  • Covid-19 Treatment: Along with breast cancer treatment, the company is also focusing on developing a treatment for covid-19 patients. They have already developed two treatment programs. The first treatment is for severely infected patients. The patients who are on ventilators can use this treatment. They are using a combination of two drugs to treat them. The second treatment program is for infected patients who are taking the treatment at home. It is a nasal spray that helps them to block the virus from spreading. Both the treatments have been effective.
  • History: This Company was established in the year 2009. The headquarters of this company is in Seattle. It has been developing treatments for various diseases.
  • NASDAQ ATOS: The stocks of this company are listed on NASDAQ. It went public in the year 2012. Anybody can easily purchase stocks from the exchange.
  • Stock Value: The stock value has seen many fluctuations. It is considered a penny stock. The current value of the stock is $2.55.

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