Why Facebook Tracker Is Undeniably Important For the Safety Of Your Kids.

The social media boom has brought about huge changes in how we interact with people. The world is now more connected than ever before. Today, kids and teenagers are among the most extensive users of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and several other such applications.

For kids who use social media apps, the reality between the virtual and the real world is often blurred. Though Facebook limits access to anyone under 13 years of age, we find many user accounts created in the name of kids far younger.

With dangers like online predators, bullies, and other risks lurking around, tools like Facebook trackers and location trackers are now necessary for parents to ensure the safety and security of kids.

In this article, we explore a few reasons why Facebook Tracking is important to ensure the health and safety of your children.

1 – Online Stalkers And Predators

There are reportedly hundreds of cases of exploitation of kids on Facebook over the last few years. Predators stalk the accounts of young users, using fake profiles and befriending them. They build up trust over time and then exploit the kids.

Tracking App

Most often, these encounters happen without the knowledge of parents and guardians. Unsupervised social media activity is the number one reason why kids get into trouble.

Facebook Tracking can hand the control of the kids’ Facebook activities to parents.

2 – Facebook Addiction

 Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, and people spend hours sharing and watching posts by other people in their circle. More and more kids are now spending time on Facebook, and it is causing alarm to parents.

Many studies confirm that kids are getting addicted to social media and Facebook in particular.

Phone Tracker app features like timestamps of Facebook chats can help parents monitor the usage and check if the kids are spending long periods online.

3 – Sharing Private Details

 Facebook is full of imposters and scamsters who indulge in identity theft. Kids are unaware of the dangers of identity theft and feel that sharing personal and private information is normal. However, those same details could be used by criminal elements to commit financial and other types of fraud.

Such incidents could impact the kids’ mental wellbeing, and the effects could even carry into their adult life.

Facebook trackers help prevent such incidents as parents can track what details and with whom the kids share them on the app.

4 – Mental Development

Many counsellors and mental health professionals say that the number of kids approaching them with social media-related problems is on the rise.

Spending long hours on sites like Facebook is affecting the kids’ social and emotional development. Kids become anxious and irritable. Comparing their discontent lives with the exaggerated, extravagant lives of others causes more dissatisfaction and could lead to depression.

In summary, there are many problems in allowing unsupervised access to Facebook and other social media sites to children. Phone tracker apps can keep the kids safe and secure as parents have total control over the kids’ social media usage.

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