Various Kinds of Linen Cotton Saree

South India has a Unique cultural heritage, filled with varied and beautiful garments, designs and fabrics. There’s a healthy combination of historical, traditional styles and contemporary, innovative aesthetics in this area. The hottest garment here is the saree, which can be found in a great deal of different varieties and styles. Though there’s a number of aesthetic common ground between the various kinds of south Indian sarees, every one of these has a unique look that is created by utilizing different kinds of methods of weaving and embroidery.

South Indian silk Sarees are now extremely famous across India. Cities in this area, such as Mysore, are flourishing centers of silk manufacturing which naturally suggests that silk is usually utilized to create various sorts of saree in this area. These include opulent, heavily decorated types like the Kanjivaram, in addition to vibrant and glistening types like the Mysore silk sarees and simpler types like Uppada. The silk used is very fine and sourced from the highest quality inventory of silkworms; combined with this, it is also very beautifully woven with handlooms and age old practices.

linen cotton saree

South Indian bridal Sarees need not always is made from silk, as might be expected. Certain forms such as the Kerala Kasavu saree are created using cotton or silk and cotton blends. This is not just because cotton is often available and much less expensive than silk. Cotton, when stitched properly, also has a rather unique aesthetic that suits the colour combination. They are white with startlingly lovely gold edges and are mostly paired with golden blouses. Simple, elegant and traditional, these are becoming a popular choice at non-Malayali weddings also. On the other hand, there will be the glistening, vibrant Kanjeevaram sarees that shimmer with gold thread layouts and game intricate motifs and patterns across the borders and pallus. These are also favored for bridal wear, even though they may be worn for other formal events also.

On the other end of The scale from such heavy and lavish looking garments will be theĀ linen cotton saree that are largely preferred for everyday and office wear, while there are a couple more ornate varieties that may be worn for special occasions. They are skin friendly and incredibly comfortable, as cotton is the best absorbent fabric for the humid and hot climate of the region of India. More often than not, they are exquisitely woven on handlooms and published with bright patterns and dyed in vibrant colours.

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