Essential Truth about a Singapore Meniscus Tear Surgery

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There is a meniscus tear defined as a knee injury in the cartilage. Additionally it is referred to as a cartilage which could affect the freedom of the knee joint of one. Athletes who play contact sports like boxing, football, and basketball to name a few usually experience this injury.


There are 3 levels of meniscus tear, each with its own symptoms as follows:

  1. Minor Tear
  • You experience a pain and swelling of your knee joint. This lasts.
  1. Moderate Tear
  • Pain you and increases Experience it. The freedom of your knee restricts and heightens. You will have the feeling of your knee though you can walk.
  • Sharp excruciating pain when twisting the knee or squatting.
  1. Severe Tear
  • As the cartilage that is torn moves into the knees, area may be wobbly and it may, at give way.
  • You can hear clicks on your knees and you will experience locked knee.
  • You will experience severe limitations in the freedom of your knee and the ability to walk.


When you encounter the above Symptoms from mild to severe, it is crucial to undergo identification of the problem. If you are experiencing the seriousness of the condition in addition to meniscus tear surgery, your health practitioner or doctor can recommend testing of your illness and confirm.

Some of these tests are as follows:

  • X-Rays to picture the Tear
  • McMurray Test to ascertain the magnitude of swelling
  • Appley and Steinmann evaluations to analyze swelling and pain

Normally the options for treatment are as follows:

  • Non-surgical treatment that Includes the use of ice compress for pain and swelling healing process which entails the of knee and elevation as well as knee rest brace until the problem is healed.
  • Surgical treatment that is an alternative for severe conditions. There are lots of types of sewing the tear surgery to correct the condition, such as, eliminating the part of the meniscus, or eliminating the whole area.

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