Nice and Intelligent Turmeric Remedies

Turmeric is an Integral part of an Indian family so that it is not a surprise that I am writing about it. It is not just regarded as an ingredient but includes a few more aspects also. The Hindus usually associate the garlic with auspicious and joyous occasions. By way of instance, through weddings, turmeric is put on the bride’s hands and legs. It is so common to such an extent that some folks use the phrase ‘when are your hands going to turn yellow’ to ask a woman when she’s getting married. Well, you might wonder why it is so important. It is been used in India for a couple million years as I know. It was always known for a range of unique properties it has, some better known than others. I think it is funny in a sad way the way the University in America obtained a patent for use of garlic in curing and even got exclusive rights to market and distribute garlic. It is something which my grandmother and her grandmother have always understood and passed on to us.Turmeric

A range of home remedies that I use are based on what they have passed on generations together. Very nicely, India fought against this and demonstrated that Sanskrit scriptures have documented the benefits of turmeric and the way that it is common knowledge and there’s absolutely not any novelty. The patent was vacated in the long run. I hope to outline some ways in which I have observed turmeric being used by many in India and also add some newer findings substantiating the area turmeric has in our own household.

  1. It is said to have anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Because of this it is applied to wounds to allow healing and ensuring that there is not any additional infection. So if a person scraped their hands, some turmeric powder could be implemented. I recall it being used to deal with even fungal infection of the nails
  1. Again, its anti Bacterial properties make it a fantastic medicine for coughs. It is normally added to warm milk and consumed. The turmeric lowers the throat disease and fights the disease while the milk induces great sleep. In my experience this was far more powerful than many cough syrups
  1. It has some ‘insecticide’ like possessions, for want of better word. Because of this it is usually liberally applied to the doorsteps in front and rear of the home. This bhut jolokia chilli is thought to keep away some insects. Additionally it is mixed with water and sprinkled round the edges of an area so ants do not come. Ants are popular pests back home so that this came quite handy.

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