Improvised Explosive Devices With Executive Protection Training

IEDs are becoming a Weapon of choice in some areas of operation. It is paramount that the EPU develops tactics, techniques and processes about how best to handle this threat. This implies IED recognition and prevention. Terrorists use the media to make sure their message IED strikes reaches the perfect audiences for global recognition. Media exploitation is a powerful and rewarding tool, which is great information to know, particularly if your principal is a significant media figure. Make certain you assess the possible IED threats within your field of operation, and determine threat capabilities and likely intentions.

This section is intended to teach EPS visual recognition of explosives eyes only. The following will help EPS to spot possible IEDs and develop strategies, techniques and processes for preventing the threat on mission. IEDs basically include some form of fuse, volatile, detonators and wires, shrapnel and pieces of metal and a container in which to package the explosives and shrapnel. Terrorist groups have Used IED in roadside ambushes which have comprised stationary explosive devices either buried or hidden. Events that cause mass casualties have included suicide bombers, vehicles, vests and satchel charges carried by people or animals. These devices are fabricated in an improvised manner and incorporate highly destructive deadly and dangerous explosives or incendiary chemicals and pick to the site, which are intended to kill or destroy the target. The materials needed for these devices are usually stolen from commercial or military blasting materials or produced from fertilizer and other easily available household ingredients.

To take care of the IED threat, EPUs should determine the kinds of threats in the region of operation. The pre-advance, progress and continuing EP operation should monitor any IED threats in the region of operation and make certain that everybody in the EPU is conscious of them. The advance individual should ask local EOD personnel about the region of operation’s pattern analysis to determine IED threat trends. This should include recognition of emplacement patterns, human action, and recognition from video and other sensing systems, human intelligence and social network analysis of terrorist networks.IED Initiation Methods. Command-detonated apparatus, hard-wired electrical wires between devices and/or leading away from the bomb, remote-controlled battery powered doorbell devices, pagers, mobile phones as sending and receiving components , tall buildings or line-of-sight monitoring points will be nearby. Many controllers need a direct line of sight to trigger the receiver and detonate it.


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